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The Foundation Helper Set

The Foundation Helper Set

By Joy

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Every beauty enthusiast knows that foundation is one of the main components of make-up, providing a blank canvas for you to embellish your face with additional beauty products. What’s equally important? Your foundation brushes. Investing in quality brushes that are fully equipped to do the job is one of the savviest things you can do to ensure you always achieve a flawless finish.

The Foundation Helpers go one step further than the brushes from the core collection. Brushes are built with sturdier handles, tightly packed bristles, and a wider brush surface area, which allows for extra product application, saving you precious time in the process.


Brushes from The Foundation Helpers include:

011 Cream/Liquid/Powder

This big, bold, multi-functional brush is equipped to assist you with all your foundation needs. Use it to apply your cream or liquid foundation formulations, as well as your moisturizer, primer, powder blusher and bronzer. With its fine, soft bristles and expansive surface area, brush 012 provides a smooth and even distribution of foundation minus streaks and unsightly lines. Buffer your favourite foundations into the skin and in no time, you can build a full coverage.

012 Cream/Liquid/Powder

Brush 012 boasts a much more petite design but is no less impactful. It can be used across an array of foundation formulas – cream, liquid or powder – and its small size means it’s perfect for those hard-to-reach places such as under the eyes. You can also use Brush 012 to apply highlighter, and cream/powder blusher.

Both foundation brushes are formulated with high-grade synthetic hair, that’s 100% vegan and comprised of a blend of white and gold. The brush handle is made with a stylish glossy white wood that is sturdy in composition, which means makeup can be applied expertly and accurately. 


  • Wash your brushes once a week. We recommend using our brush soap. 
  • Fill a bowl with lukewarm water, wet the brush head and swirl into the brush soap unit it lathers. 
  • Continue till all makeup and dirt is removed. 
  • Rinse by dipping the head into clean water and gently squeezing till all excess water is gone. 
  • Arrange on a flat surface to dry. 


For thicker makeup like waterproof foundations, eyeliner, lipstick etc We recommend dipping the brush head (only) into baby oil or coconut oil - swirling over a tissue or dry towel to break down the product. Then wash as normal.

Avoid submerging the entire brush in water as this will weaken both the ferrule and the brush handle.

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