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Sustainable Supplement Capsule or Pill Refill 'Forever' Pot 250ml - Rose Gold

Sustainable Supplement Capsule or Pill Refill 'Forever' Pot 250ml - Rose Gold

Birch & Wilde

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Frequently asked questions for our beautiful refill and travel tins... 

  • Yes - they are food-grade and food-safe - certified to ISO:9001
  • Yes - the labels do peel off if you want to use them for something else
  • Yes - they are recyclable in your household refuse with your other tins 

  •  Yes - you can most definitely collect them and use them for all sorts of things within your home or workplace, as well as your Birch & Wilde capsules. Here are just a few ideas to get you started: 
    * Herbs & spices, tea & coffee, trinkets, coins or collectables, desk tidies (for pins and paperclips), jewellery, as pen pots or to hold art materials, mints or sweets, bagged baking ingredients, medical kits or plasters, lip balms, sewing items - the list goes on...!

  • Yes - you can buy a full set (either one of each, or a collection of three the same) as a bundle for a discount 

  • No - they cannot be used for liquids or anything containing moisture
  • No - they are not made of aluminium. They are steel with tin plate rose gold coating
    ** Fact - steel - including tin plate - is recycled at a higher rate than aluminium in the UK (79% vs. 73%)... and uses less energy for its primary creation. 
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