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Small Scented Joy Candle - Limited Edition

Small Scented Joy Candle - Limited Edition


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The Small Scented Joy Candle is lovingly crafted to cleanse and uplift the energy of any space or perfect to take with you on the go. The invigorating scent freshens up your mind to start a new day or open yourself up to new possibilities.

The rich blend of Lemon, Ginger, Bergamot, Jasmine, Magnolia and White Musk will give you a boost in mind, heart and spirit. It is the candle of new beginnings, fresh opportunities, and positive energy.

Light up the candle and take a moment to reconnect with your inner joy. Inhale deeply and let bliss flow from within.

Burn time: approximately 20 hours.

Our candle blend contains natural vegetable waxes. Our wicks are lead-free and made from pure cotton.

  • Cleansing and uplifting the energy in a room
  • Promoting pure and positive vibes with its signature fragrance
  • Awakening your sense of bliss and gratitude from within
  • Allowing a moment of quiet reconnection with your inner voice
  • Bringing forth warmth, freshness, and spice as the scent evokes the joy of a late summer evening
  • Creating the atmosphere of a joyful summer all year round
  • Taking a sense of joy with you wherever you travel
  • The perfect uplifting gift for someone special


It evokes the purity of a new morning as it gently glows. The scent fills up the room with energising freshness. A crisp Lemon top note pairs perfectly with enlivening Ginger and Bergamot, bringing a hint of soul-warming spice. A heart of spirit-lifting Jasmine and heady Magnolia inspire the senses with beauty and joy. Soft White Musk nourishes your inner strength, promoting authentic confidence.


Amber Gemstone
A warm and dynamic stone, Amber is believed to carry the energy of the sun. It helps you connect to new beginnings as you start your day. It purifies your energy and supports lightness of heart.

A perennial flowering plant, Rhodiola helps the body to adapt and deal with stress. It also invigorates the spirit, while imparting a sense of balance.

Rhodiola, Cocoa, Orange Extract, Amber Gemstone Extract.

Suitable for all skin types

Top Notes: Lemon, Ginger, Bergamot
Heart Notes: Jasmine, Magnolia
Base Notes: White Musk


Light the Small Scented Joy Candle whenever you need a refreshing and energising boost. After lighting the candle, close your eyes and say the mantra, “I’m so inspired at this moment, my soul is thriving.” Inhale the rejuvenating scent, and exhale all stress. 

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