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House of Life

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The FIRST Science-Backed daily 1 STEP DEFENCE Organic Skincare, proven to address today's changing skin needs 100% naturally. Designed to deliver a results-driven and personalised yet stress-free multi-tasking daily skincare routine with natural Bioactive Anti-UV+Pollution actions.

Our intelligent All Skin 1 Step Defence, Nº30 Face Repair Cream Concentrate, created for hyper sensitive skin while suitable for all skin typesis a 360º multi-actions anti-ageing daily moisturising serum that replaces 4 daily products with just 1. This All-in-1 science backed intensive formula is results-driven and uses the power of BIOACTIVE skin-healing compounds that live in Wild MEDICINAL PLANTS combined LATEST SCIENCE helping to absorb rapidly and deliver deep skin cellular impacts. clinically proven to target and reverse multiple signs of ageing and skin conditions, while helping to moisturise and protect skin-ageing from daily UV (Sun+Blue light), POLLUTION and other external skin-impacts, addressing over 90% of the reasons why skin ages faster today, while helping to calm your mood. Leaving your skin and you GLOW in today's busy lifestyles and changing environments 100% naturally.Powered by a dosage-blend of, clinically proven, 30 BIOACTIVE CONCENTRATES, derived from Wild Medicinal and Plant-actives combined breakthrough ANTI UV+POLLUTION Technology. Intense concentrate wild herbs PEPTIDES, protective ANTIBODY agents, super polyphenol ANTIOXIDANTS of highest intensity and purity, and over 190 Traces of MULTI-VITAMINS & NUTRIENTS, incl. OMEGA 7-rich organic acid, helps rapid skin absorption, delivering repair through deep skin layers, and activating skin selfheal and self-defence system on cellular level. Together with our unique blend of potent ORGANIC ZERO ALLERGENS CEDAR-WOOD infused Essential Oil Scent, it helps to Calm your Mood, and enhancing overall skin health delivering Deep Skin Correction 24/7.

Our in-house BIOACTIVE SKIN HERBOLOGY technology is powered by PIONEERING MEDICINAL PLANT SCIENCE, shared for the first time by world's leading scientists and in-house medical doctors from the COLCHIS region, who is armed with centuries of knowhow in the field of medicinal wild herbs. Our unique hand-blend technology to designed achieve the highest results, purity and quality within each of our product and skincare solution. Using only the purest certified natural and wild organic ingredients, they are sustainably sourced and manufactured in the UK.

Helps to reduce lines and deep wrinkles, enhance radiance, skin elasticity and firmness, reduce the appearance of open pores, age spots, rosacea and acne while helping to calm skin and uplift mood.

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