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Relieve & Ease Magnesium Mist - 100ml

Relieve & Ease Magnesium Mist - 100ml

Shhh Menopause Wellness

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Magnesium is a vital mineral that is required for many important functions in the body which shows a natural decline with age, particularly for women, making it a key mineral with which to supplement to maintain healthy physiological function.

This high concentration formula delivers rapid transdermal support with soothing absorption of tension-easing magnesium chloride to combat conditions such as aches, joint pain, fatigue, irritability and flare-ups typically symptomatic of magnesium deficiency including also issues associated with mental clarity that can develop through the menopausal phases.

Increasing modern study indicates that transdermal delivery (through the skin) of magnesium shows superior absorption compared with traditional supplementation alone - with skin intake starting immediately particularly when supported with massage.

Exceptionally protective, this formulation is additionally cooling with menthol and an anti-inflammatory combination of essential oils including chamomile, cypress and cedarwood oils for targeted therapeutic relief.

Our Relieve and Ease has been endorsed as the best product ever for Anxiety and Joint Pain with relief for Magnesium deficiency - by


- Soothing and Hydrating
- Cooling and easing
- Supports relaxation
- Targets discomfort
- Anti-oxidant
- Promotes Bone & Cell renewal
- Antiinflammatory oils
- Non-greasy, lightweight

*brain fog
*joint pain

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