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Parlux Advance Light Ceramic Ionic Hair Dryer - Black

Parlux Advance Light Ceramic Ionic Hair Dryer - Black


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The Parlux 385 POWER LIGHT hair dryer is exactly as the name suggests, both powerful and extremely light. The second lightest model in the range at just 445 grams, it has received numerous global awards and accolades thanks to its stellar performance. Designed by experts and manufactured to the highest standards, the 385 is smaller, quieter AND more powerful.

The 2150 watt motor is the result of rigorous testing, delivering a high velocity flow of controlled air. At 79 cubic metres per hour, it’s faster than ever to dry hair, whilst still leaving it frizz-free and banishing flyaways. The advanced ceramic & ionic technology locks in the hair’s natural moisture and leaves it looking smooth and glossy. The POWERLIGHT also incorporates the latest acoustic silencing system for a more comfortable and quieter styling experience.

With perfect balance, light weight and salon-worthy power levels, the Parlux 385 POWER LIGHT has it all. Featuring low profile switches, the handle has been carefully crafted for superior comfort and exquisite balance. Parlux’s durable and professional 3 metre cable and two concentrator styling nozzles make perfect blow drys a breeze.

Achieve a beautifully smooth finish every time with the 385 POWERLIGHT from Parlux.
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