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Matrix Styling Height Riser Powder 7g

Matrix Styling Height Riser Powder 7g


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Product Description

Hair can lose its natural volume and fluff due to various reasons like grease, dirt, humidity, and excess sebum. But you can revive it with Matrix's volumising hair powder. This product adds volume and silky-smooth texture to your hair, giving it a lift and a natural shine.

Achieve Stunning Texture, Height, and Shine

Matrix's volumising powder helps shape your hair into your desired style. Its sticky texture ensures that your strands stick together, creating a fuller look. The lightweight formula makes application easy. Enriched with skin-conditioning and anti-foaming agents, this powder gives you voluminous hair without weighing it down.

Elevate Your Hair with Style Link Height Riser Volumising Powder

This hair powder provides volume without the need for heat styling. It texturises your hair by sticking to the roots, absorbing excess oil, and lifting the hair. The powder's unique formula grips your hair without dulling or weighing it down, giving it instant height. It also separates strands for a natural, long-lasting shine.

Product Features

  • For flat, lifeless hair
  • Lightweight powder
  • Volumising and texturising formula

How To Use

It is advisable to use this hair care product on dry hair. Take a small amount of this hair powder in your hands, shake it at the roots and massage properly. Leave-in hair powder instantly plumps up the volume of your hair.

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