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Hair Gain Comb

Hair Gain Comb


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This wide-tooth, biodegradable comb features a sturdy design and an ultra-smooth surface which will glide through unruly locks, massage the scalp and effortlessly detangle your hair with ease. 

It’s the perfect tool to use with the Hair Gain Hair Mask. Use it to distribute the mask evenly through your hair from root to tip. 

An essential accessory when washing, conditioning, styling or colouring your hair and a delightful addition to your haircare regime. 

This knot and tangle busting tool works on straight, wavy, curly or coily hair while minimising snagging and breakage. 

Durable and high quality, it will tease out knots and tangles, coasting through wet or dry strands with minimal effort. 

How to Use:  

Comb through wet or dry hair to tease out tangles. 

Divide your hair into small sections. Start at the tip of your hair and gentle detangle your way up to the roots. 

Apply the Hair Gain Hair Mask to towel dried hair and use the comb to evenly distribute throughout your lengths. 

Features and Benefits: 

  • Ideal for all hair types 
  • 100% biodegradable 
  • Effortlessly detangle wet or dry hair 
  • The perfect accessory to our Hair Gain Hair Mask 
  • A great tool for evenly distributing product through your hair with ease 
  • Glides through unruly locks to get rid of knots and tangles 

Product Dimensions: 90 x 4 x 80mm  
Weight: 31g

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