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Gently Resurfacing Facial Exfoliant For Men

Gently Resurfacing Facial Exfoliant For Men

Husk & Seed

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Our Gently Resurfacing Facial Exfoliant For Men will gently remove dull skin to leave you feeling fresh and rejuvenated. 

We recommend exfoliating before shaving to prevent your razor from getting clogged by dead skin cells and helps you get a closer shave. Exfoliating skin also allows other skincare products to absorb and be more effective. The uplifting Sweet Orange and Bergamot scent will invigorate and re-energise the mind.

For all skin types in need of brightening.


Colloidal Oat Powder, East Shea Butter, Apricot Powder, Avocado Seed Oil, Hibiscus Powder, Marshmallow Powder, Vitamin E, *Frankincense, *Sweet Orange, *Lavender(*essential oils). Nothing else.

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