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The Eye Brush Set

The Eye Brush Set

By Joy

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An Essential Eye Brush Set & Bag kit containing five multifunctional brushes to help you create an immaculate and outstanding finish with your eye makeup. Each brush performs a specific function and has been skilfully crafted to help you manoeuvre your strokes with precision, allowing you to effortlessly apply eyeshadow, smudge eyeliner, shape your brows or create the perfect flick.

  • Multi-use
  • Bristles made of high-grade synthetic hair
  • Glossy Black Handle


006 – Liner/Brow Brush 

This multi-functional brush can be used as an eyeliner brush to apply a perfectly precise line due to its slender slanted tip. The brush can be used for both cream and powder eyeliner formulas. On the other end of the brush, you will find a spoolie which with its tender but durable bristles gives you the ability to sculpt your brows using cream or powder based products, as well as comb the brow hair.

007 –  Smudger Brush

Smokey smouldering eyes will always be an iconic makeup statement style. To create this dramatic and sultry eye look use the Smudger, which with its slightly oval shaped fibres allows you to reach the corners and crevices of the eyelid so the finish is flawless. This brush can also be used to highlight the inner corners of the eyes.

008 – Blender Brush

Who doesn’t love a hardworking, multi-use brush? The Joy Adenuga Blender brush can perform a number of functions such as blending and smoothing out eyeshadow, applying cream-based concealers under the eyes, and even blending out highlighter and powder.

009 – Joy Adenuga Shadow Placer S  Brush 

This petite version of shadow placer is brilliant for applying eyeshadow to smaller shaped eyes as well as smudging your pencils for a soft, sultry smokey eye. 

010 - Shadow Placer Brush

The Joy Adenuga Shadow Placer allows for generous amounts of shadow to be applied to the eyelids for maximum coverage of eyeshadow pigment. Ideal for quick on-the-go application.


All brushes are 100% vegan with high-grade synthetic hair. Featuring ombre grey tips for a modern look. The brush handle is black with gloss shimmer coated wood and shaped with accurate application in mind. The right brushes aid the process to a flawless makeup finish. 

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