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Large Scented Calm Candle

Large Scented Calm Candle


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Light this Calm Candle whenever you need a moment of tranquillity on a busy day or as you draw an evening bath. Its soft and relaxing scent helps release stress and calms your mind. 

The fragrance notes of this candle take you to a floral garden, while its calming bloom of Passionflower and Lime Flower brings complete relaxation. This is your go-to candle whenever you need to take a time-out from the world and just be with yourself. Light it up when you need a moment to relax, inhale deeply, and exhale all the stresses of your day.

As featured in: Cosmopolitan, Wylde, Women & Home, Fabulous, Fenwick, and Get the Gloss.

Burn time: approximately 45 hours

Our candle blend contains natural vegetable waxes. Our wicks are lead-free and made from pure cotton.   

  • Calming a busy mind
  • Allowing your entire being to rest and become present
  • Enhancing the energy of creativity
  • Promoting a sense of peace and relaxation
  • Infusing your space with a calming energy
  • Non-toxic and natural fragrance to cleanse and uplift any space
  • Takes you to a floral garden in bloom with the scent of Ozonic, Iris, Violet, Lavender

As it gently glows, the scent fills up your space and turns it into a Provençal garden in bloom. Celestial ozonic top notes create a sense of infinite balance. Soft floral heart notes of powdery Iris, calming Violet, and herbaceous Lavender blend well with woody Vetiver and rich Frankincense to comfort and restore your spirit. Base notes of green Moss and warm Amber relieve any weight that you have been carrying during the day.


Amethyst Gemstone
Known as ‘nature’s tranquiliser’, Amethyst gives you a deep sense of peace. It calms your nerves, helps you relax, and promotes deep sleep. It can also bring back a healthy balance in your energy.

Passionflower & Lime Flower
Known as a sleep aid, this calming bloom resets your senses and promotes comfort. Passionflower calms your mind, while Lime Flower relieves restlessness.

Passionflower, Lime Flower, Gardenia Stem Cells, Amethyst Extract. 

Suitable for all skin types

Top Notes: Ozonic (oceanic)
Heart Notes: Iris, Violet, Lavender, Vetiver, Frankincense
Base Notes: Moss, Amber 


Light the Calm Candle whenever you need a relaxing aroma to infuse your space. After lighting the candle, close your eyes and say the mantra, “I feel a soft relaxing energy infusing my body, my being. I allow this wellness to remain.” Inhale the calming scent, and exhale all stress.

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