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Solid Brush Soap

Solid Brush Soap

By Joy

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Brush Soap By Joy Adenuga is your answer to trying to find a Vegan makeup brush cleanser that is gentle to your brushes, which ultimately means being kind to your skin. Ideal for those with sensitive complexions, the fuss-free formula works really hard to rid your brushes of product build-up by all the ingredients crystallising to dissolve it in a natural way.


To use, you simply dampen your brush in cool water and place the rubber disc that comes with the soap in the tinned lid. Next, swish your makeup brush in a circular motion in Brush Soap, and use the grooves in the rubber disc to vigorously clean your brushes. Rinse with water and squeeze out the excess solution before leaving to dry. Due to its mild formula, for heavily stained brushes we suggest double cleaning your brushes for a deeper cleanse.

Keep your brushes at their best, removing unwanted build-up with the scented brush soap available in Tangy Orange or Vanilla Essence. Your brushes will be left looking and smelling better than ever! 


Sodium Palm Oleate, Sodium Palm Kernel Oleate, Sucrose, Propylene Glycol, Water, Glycerol, Trehalose, Butyrospernum ParkII Fruit Oil, Olea Europaea Fruit Oil, Allachin, Menthol, Daily Essence, Glucoside Ascorbate, Glycyrrhiza Uranlensis Root Extract, CI 19140.

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