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Empwr Botanics

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Bundle & Save. From £177 down to £149 when you purchase a 3 pack of Botanical Pwr Drops 30ml.

Our best-seller, Botanical Pwr Drops simply put, is clean and effective CBD oil.

Formulated to centre the mind, balance the body and nourish the skin. These drops embody the less is more approach with only two organic ingredients - CBD + MCT Coconut Oil to achieve optimal effectiveness.

CBD works with our system to balance us and provide us with what we need. These drops are known to alleviate stress and anxiety, to help take the edge off, aid pain management, accelerate recovery and supporting a night of deep sleep.

Botanical Pwr Drops are a sustainable, multi-purpose formula that is clean and powerful enough to both ingest (mind + body) and apply topically (skin).

CBD produces the best results when used regularly and consistently as part of a daily routine. Add a daily dose under your tongue or into your favourite beverage (smoothie, tea, coffee). For skin care, work the oil into your skin as part of your night and morning skin care routine. 

When used on the skin CBD can be a powerful healing elixir producing anti-inflammatory, and age-defying effects.



1000mg Broad Spectrum CBD (Hemp), Organic MCT Coconut Oil


When dosed orally our drops target:
- Anxiety + stress
- Daytime calm + focus
- Night time rest + deep sleep
-Overall balance + wellbeing


When applied topically our drops target:
- Dry + damaged skin
- Dullness
- Inflammation + redness
- Acne + blemishes
- Fine lines + ageing


Oral: Squeeze the desired amount under your tongue and hold for 30-60 seconds or add to your beverage and drink as usual.

Skin: Drop a couple of drops onto your face or desired area and massage in.

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