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Blueberry Booster / Every Day Vegan Facial Oil

Blueberry Booster / Every Day Vegan Facial Oil


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Blueberry Booster is a daily defence facial oil which can help protect skin from blue light damage from phones, laptops and the sun.

A day time booster to supplement your existing skincare products, it helps absorb and disperse blue light whilst strengthening and nourishing the skin.

Natural ● Vegan ● Cruelty-Free ● Carbon Neutral

“Can really see the difference with this product. I spend a lot of my time working in front of the screen and find the Blueberry Booster really made a difference in my skin routine. I've started with using 5/6 drops but now feel like 3/4 is enough. I mix it with my moisturiser in the mornings and evenings. The skin feels plumper to touch and  looks more even to the eye." - Ewa S

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