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Babyliss Super Motor Trimmer

Babyliss Super Motor Trimmer


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Product Description

Babyliss Super Motor Trimmer

No need for salon visits when you have the Babyliss Super Motor Trimmer, offering a personalized grooming experience at home! This professional hair trimmer delivers smooth and precise cuts in no time. Compact yet powerful, its convenient design makes it easy to carry in your bag for quick style adjustments anytime, anywhere. Perfect for at-home styling, this trimmer blends ergonomics, size, and functionality.

A Professional Hair Trimmer for Quick Styling

Featuring sharp and multi-faceted cutting angles, the rechargeable trimmer effortlessly handles thick, short, long, and all other hair types. Its lightweight build, combined with cord and cordless options, ensures easy use. Promising powerful performance and superior handling, this trimmer is a must-have for your grooming kit. With its smooth and flawless trimming application, it offers ultimate reliability and durability.

Adjustable Cutting Blades with High-Torque Brushless Motor

This trimmer boasts zero-gap adjustable Japanese steel blades and a high-torque brushless motor for exceptional cutting performance and control. The long-life digital motor and lithium technology provide sustained high power and speed for clean, close cuts. Perfectly balanced, the Super Motor Trimmer includes two interchangeable 30mm and 40mm zero-gap adjustable blades. Its all-metal housing adds a professional touch to this versatile trimmer.

Product Features

• High power cord or cordless control
• Precision engineered Japanese steel blades with super sharp V cutting angle
• Interchangeable 30mm and 40mm zero gap adjustable cutting blades
• Lithium technology for sustained power performance
• High-torque brushless motor for long-lasting power and speed
• Absolutely balanced for superior handling
• 6mm and 10mm comb guides
• Robust all metal housing design
• Charging and storage stand
• Oil and cleaning brush

How To Use

Wash your hair before you start with the trimming. Decide the style you want. Start with the longest blade guard for the longest length you want to keep. Switch between two interchangeable 30mm and 40mm zero gap adjustable cutting blades. Zero Cap trimming will leave you with barely-there hair.


Electric Trimming Device with Japanese Steel Blades

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