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Babyliss Gold Skeleton Trimmer

Babyliss Gold Skeleton Trimmer


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Product Description

The Cordless Gold Super Motor Skeleton Trimmer features a fully exposed T-Blade, providing 360° visibility for detailed work. Its high-performance lithium battery offers 120 minutes of continuous use from a quick 3-hour charge, ensuring consistent power and speed even at lower charge levels. The long-lasting, high-torque brushless motor maintains fast blade speed, even through longer, thicker hair. Equipped with precision-engineered Japanese steel blades for smooth cutting, and a heavy-duty metal casing for enhanced durability.

Product Features

  • Use cord or cordless
  • Precision engineered Japanese steel blades
  • Extra wide t-blade, zero gap adjustable
  • Lithium power
  • 120 mins use from a 3 hour charge
  • High-torque brushless motor
  • Robust all metal casing
  • Charging and storage stand
  • Made In China

How To Use

Wash your hair before you start with the trimming. Decide the style you want. Start with the longest blade guard for the longest length you want to keep.


Electric Trimming Device with Japanese Steel Blades

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