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Babyliss 25mm Black Conical Wand

Babyliss 25mm Black Conical Wand


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Product Description

BaByliss PRO Porcelain Conical Wand - 25mm-13mm

Black Hair Curler, Bouncy Natural Curls

For those who love styling their hair and dream of curls, this Babyliss curling iron is a must-have in your kit. It revolutionizes the personal care market with its innovative damage-free design. Adjust the temperature, and let the wand create the perfect curls you desire. Its eye-catching black color and metallic design make it an essential accessory for every diva.

Expert in Creating Classic Curls

If you seek seamless curls, replace your old curlers and rollers with this Babyliss wand. It helps achieve creaseless curls with lasting bounce and volume. Style-conscious women know the challenge of achieving perfect curls with subtle detailing. This conical wand features 25 heat settings for precise control throughout the process. With a 25mm porcelain barrel tapering to 13mm, it offers flexible curling with complete control over the shapes you create. The right styling tools, like this curler, elevate your hairstyle game.

Babyliss Black Curling Wand - A Standout Hair Styling Product

Unlike traditional curling irons and tongs, this conical wand has soft-touch handles to minimize slipping and protect against heat. A cool tip is added for convenience, allowing longer hold times to achieve desired curls. The swivel cord prevents tangling, making curling easier. This high-performance Babyliss tool empowers you to create top-notch curly hairstyles with ease.

Product Features

  • TOP TIP #1: to increase curl time, hold each section in your palm until it cools before releasing the curl.
  • TOP TIP #2: for even longer-lasting power, spritz a little hairspray to hold your curls - we recommend the Matrix Vavoom range for freeze hold.

How To Use

When you are through with deciding what kind of curls you need, just begin from the widest end of the curling wand. Take small sections of your hair and wrap it around the barrel. Now, hold on for some time is you want dense curls or gently let each section fall right away and enjoy your bouncy curls. Use a hairspray to hold your curls.


Titanium, Ceramic

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