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Atmost Dry + style

Atmost Dry + style


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Introducing the new Atmos Dry+Style. This next-generation professional hairdryer and hairstyler features the 100,000 rpm Atmos Energy Motor for ultra-quiet, ultra-light, and ultra-powerful salon styling with ¼ of the weight of a typical professional AC Motor.

Combined with the Atmos Conditioning System, The Atmos Dry+Style dries and styles in record time but still leaves hair feeling silky and looking very glossy.

Separate digital heat and speed settings – 3 of each with a cold shot setting. Includes SalonAir high-pressure drying and styling nozzle, 2 OneShot dry volume and straight brushes for every hair length, and AutoAir Wand for curls and waves.


  • Next generation 100,000 RPM Atmos Energy Motor. Ultra-fast drying and significantly less motor noise
  • Digitally controlled, brushless DC motor uses less energy and can last 10x longer
  • Atmos Digital Controls - 3 heat and 3 speed settings, plus Cold ShotHeat and speed digital indicator lights
  • Atmos Ultra Plus Conditioning System helps combat frizz leaving hair sleek and shiny
  • Atmos Micro Filter - ultra fine 2-stage air filtration removes impurities
  • Atmos Ultra Plus Airflow speeds dry time
  • Attachments include: 1 x Drying and styling nozzle; 2 x Dry, Volume and Straight brushes; 1 x Large Wand for drop curls; 1 x Slim Wand for defined curls; 1 x Diffuser for max volume; 1 x Thermal Bristle brush
  • 3 metre length, swivel, heat-proof cord
  • UK/EU plug adaptor
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