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Frequently Asked questions


Who can join Elth?

Join us if you’re a registered beauty salon of a certified beauty professional working within the UK.

Why should I join Elth?

To earn more money from the brands and products you’re recommending to clients. To have your own managed online shop, without the hassles or the costs, and without having to purchase inventory. You will also be introduced to our training library where you can discover new brands and partnerships. 

Is there a cost involved?

No, Elth is totally free!

What commission would I make?

You'll earn 25% commission on your first two orders, and 20% commission on all sales thereafter.

When would I be paid for my orders?

At the end of every month, via a Bank Transfer. You don't need to invoice to be paid, just make sure your bank details are saved in the Back Office. For help check out this Blog Post.

How do I get started?

Click on the 'Create A Shop in 5 Minutes' button on our homepage, watch our demo video if you get stuck and join our webinars to learn how to navigate your account.

What if I cant find a brand or product I want to recommend?

We’re always adding new brands based on your feedback. Please share your suggestions with us here.

How can I change what’s in my shop?

Log In to your Elth account and open the Shop Editor tool, you'll then be able to personalise your shop from changing the image at the top, writing a personalised description and selecting / deselecting brands and products.

How do I promote my shop?

Tell everyone! Add your unique shopping link to your social channels, booking platforms, newsletters or SMS marketing. We recommend sharing your shop page pre and post treatment. For any tips, read this blog post.

Do I need to buy stock?

No! That’s the benefit, our no-stock solution means you don’t need to buy or hold stock, we take care of sending out orders to customers, so you can simply sell. 

How can I monitor my sales?

We give you access to your own dashboard so you can see which customers have purchased from you, enabling you to monitor your commission each month. This dashboard is available in your Elth account under the section "Back-Office".

Is there a limit to how much I can earn?

The sky's the limit! So no, if your clients love your recommendations as much as you think, your earning potential is infinite!

How can I learn more about the brands and products I’m selling?

If you’d like more information on our brands, get in touch with our team. We host monthly events to share training and more information with you, stay tuned on our upcoming events here.

How do I go about using a brand's products in my treatments?

Please contact us! You can incorporate any of the brands and products into your already existing treatments, however many of the brands have created their own signature treatments that they can train you on. If you’re looking for new treatments to add to your offering please let us know by emailing us,

I’ve got a beauty professional I’d like to recommend to use Elth…

Great! We will give you £10 in cash for any referrals once they've made their first sale. Please share this link with who you'd like to refer:


Why should I join Elth?

To gain greater awareness, more sales and have your products recommended by top beauty professionals across the UK. 

How can I join?

Email us at - if your brand is approved we will share with you the simple next steps of onboarding.

Is there a cost to join Elth?

No, there’s no cost. 

How do I train your professionals on my brand?

Every Elth professional has access to our training library which shares information about the brands, products and even videos on how to use products. If you’re able to offer more group or 1-2-1 training sessions then please let our team know.


What is Elth?

Elth is the first platform empowering beauty freelancers to create an online shop in 5 minutes and share their recommendations with customers with no inventory hurdles.

How does it work?

On Elth, find your favourite beauty professionals' shops and purchase their product recommendations.

How long does shipping take?

Products arrive with you in 3 -5 working days. For any help on missing packages please contact us,

What locations can you ship to?

We currently only ship to the UK. We cannot ship to some locations in Scotland, please get in touch with our team for more information

How do I return an item?

You have 14 days to return goods bought on Elth. They must be unopened and not used. We are unable to process a refund or replacement unless we have the item back with us. In the event that the item is so damaged that it can not be returned to us, this will be decided for on a case-by-case basis. You will be responsible for the cost of returning the goods to us unless the wrong product was delivered, or the item is faulty. Please package the relevant item securely in at least the packaging it was received and send it to us with a copy of your invoice so that we receive it within seven working days of the day after the date that the item was delivered to you. 


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