Spotlight on... Inlight Beauty Founder, Dr Mariano Spiezia

In this series, we meet with some of the impressive brand founders we decided to partner with at Elth.

This week, we sat down with Dr Mariano Spiezia, founder of Inlight Beauty, who told us more about what being a brand founder means for him. He also talked us through his brand's products and his vision for the beauty industry.

Dr Mariano Spiezia is a trained Medical Doctor and herbalist who draws on over 30 years of knowledge, experience, and research. He fuses the power of nature, modern science and ancient alchemy together in his own unique way to create an effective, clean and sustainable skincare collection.

Dr Mariano Spiezia

Some inspiration: being a brand founder...

What inspired you to start Inlight Beauty?

I have always been intrigued by Nature and observing it closely and studying its perfect laws, I found most of the answers I was looking for since my childhood. After my degree in medicine and the medical experience in the conventional emergency work during my time in A&E, it was clear that the natural, holistic approach to Health was my personal path to help people and preserve the future. Moving to UK in 1998 with my family, I was looking for a new way to communicate to my patients my ideas and vision of Life.

One day I was reading the ingredients on a commercial cosmetic label during a meeting with Doctors and breast cancer patients, and I was struck by the enormous amount of synthetic chemicals present in the product and the damage they were going to produce both to humans health and to the environment.

I was already making some herbal healing ointments for my patients and after that experience, I decided with my wife Loredana to extend the range and start formulating new skincare products using only 100% organic ingredients… not easy, but we did it!

Then a meeting in Italy with my homeopathic professor Dr. Alma Rodriguez and her family was the spark to create a joint venture: Inlight Beauty was born.

What was the biggest challenge in setting up a business for you?

My biggest challenge was to understand that even the most beautiful idea cannot be successful without a precise structure/organisation and the help of other people's skills rather than to be a passionate formulator and visionary…

What are you most proud of and passionate about in your work?

My joy is to work with and be inspired by Nature and plants, unveiling new mysteries, and understanding new synergies… and then pass them on to my patients and clients… to unveil their health and beauty.  Our motto is: “Bringing Beauty to life”.

Who or what inspires you day-to-day?

I found many inspirations from reading books and stories of people that have made a change in human life and society: scientists, poets, artists, researchers, spiritualists, businessmen, etc.  And my patients too, are a constant challenge through which I learn a lot: they give me always the opportunity to go beyond my knowledge and explore new ways to help them. I am very grateful to all of them.

Dr Spiezia's favourite Inlight Beauty products

What are the most popular products you offer at Inlight Beauty?

Our most popular products are from the face range and are:

Face Cleanser by Inlight Beauty
Face Cleanser  - by Inlight Beauty
Face Oil by Inlight Beauty
Face Oil  - by Inlight Beauty
Floral Tonic
Floral Tonic  - by Inlight Beauty
Line Softener by Inlight Beauty
Line Softener  - by Inlight Beauty
Night Balm by Inlight Beauty
Night Balm  - by Inlight Beauty

What is your favourite Inlight Beauty product?

My favourite product is my first formula: Face Oil. I love it! But quite honestly I love all of them: they all have a story, an inspiration, a reason, a challenge, and each of them represents a memory of my life.

 Face Oil by Inlight Beauty

Face Oil - by Inlight Beauty

What was your favourite beauty product when you were younger? 

Old Spice, a fragrant, exotic aftershave.

What is the beauty advice you want to pass on to the next generation?

My message is clear: Beauty is not an appearance; it is a way to be. A real “cosmetic” product has to help you in this change of consciousness.

A unique vision of the beauty industry, that resonates with Elth

What do you think is missing in the beauty industry?

I think the Beauty Industry needs more information and regulation on the ingredients and their impact on the environment.

Is there a beauty myth that frustrates you the most? What is it?

I think is the fact that oily skin does not need cosmetic oils.

What are your beauty industry trend predictions for 2022?


What’s next for Inlight Beauty?

Next step for Inlight Beauty is to open its wings and spread its message and products worldwide. 

Do you think the beauty sector is heading towards a more transparent future? 

Yes, indeed. More and more people and customers are asking for a cleaner beauty that has less impact on the Planet. This step can be achieved only with more transparency and better labels and cosmetic laws.


Inlight Beauty shares the Elth vision for a more transparent and sustainable future. If you want more, discover Inlight Beauty's collection on Elth.

Inlight Beauty collection on Elth Beauty

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