Skincare and Wellbeing; How Healthy Beauty and Wellness are Connected

Skincare; sometimes you’re on it, sometimes you just shove your face under the shower and that’s job done. We know we should be doing it, but did you know that your skincare and wellbeing can impact each other? So let’s soothe, smooth and cleanse our way into how healthy beauty and wellness are connected... 

Get Skin Fit 

Okay, that’s not a thing (yet) but if you’re taking care of your skin your physical wellbeing will thank you. After all, skin is a major part of our body - in fact, it’s your body’s largest organ! - so we should be looking after it. 

Top tip; don’t wait until you’ve got problem skin. Maintain and improve your lovely face and you’ll have fewer problems in the future. 

Not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered. House of Life’s All Skin 1 Step Defence is the perfect daily moisturising serum that replaces 4 daily products. It also adapts to your changing skin, this really is your healthy beauty saviour.

Day In Day Out 

Skincare and wellbeing all in one? Start a routine. Not only are you getting into the habit of taking care of your skin regularly (hello beautiful, glowy skin, where have you been?) but routine is a massively underrated wellness technique. Taking a moment out of your day to complete a simple task can reset and revitalise your mindset. 

Want healthy beauty products to begin a killer skincare routine? Inlight Beauty’s Skincare Essential Set is a great place to start. Think of it as your 3 step guide to transforming your skincare and wellbeing.

Have a Bit of Me Time

Feeling overwhelmed? Have a bath, put a facemask on and relax. It’s not selfish, it’s self-care and it couldn’t be more important. Setting aside some time for yourself by using healthy beauty products will take care of your mental and physical wellbeing all in one go. You’ll emerge feeling your best self, we guarantee. 

Looking for a new bath companion? Palm of Feronia’s Amethyst & Magnesium Bath Soak will soothe and calm your body and mind, the perfect healthy beauty product for a transformative bath.

Strut Your Stuff 

Looking good = feeling good. If your skin is on point from a killer skincare routine, you’ll be feeling like your best self. This newfound confidence will also give you a much more positive mindset; you’ll be strutting down the street, trust us. You’ll be even more confident if you use healthy beauty products that are good for your skin. 

That’s why Elth has partnered with INCI Beauty to add transparency to the products you use. The closer to 20 the score is, the better it is - simple as that. That’s skincare and wellbeing made easy. 

Elth Yeah! 

Say Elth yeah to self-care! We’ve got healthy beauty products to take care of your skin, now it’s up to you to grab them and transform your skincare and wellbeing today. Elth is all about naked beauty, we undress beauty products to show you what they truly are. We want to add more transparency to the beauty industry, but to do so, we need YOU. Join us in our fight against greenwashing!

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