Men’s Skincare; Why It’s Important and The Best Products For You

On the 19th of November, it’s International Men’s Day. To celebrate, we thought we’d give the men of the world a little pampering by helping you find the best ways to take care of your beauty and health. We’re getting rid of the macho attitude against men’s skincare and giving you a free pass to take that bath, use the moisturiser, cleanse your pores - your skin will thank you for it!

Now some of you may be screaming at the screen, “What?! Some men don’t have a skincare routine?” - to you, we give a round of applause, you know the importance of self-care. For those who haven’t, we’re going to dive into some of the benefits of men’s skincare and then most importantly the best products to use (skincare gurus; you may find your new fave)...

Rumour has it skincare is only for women…

...well, the rumours are most definitely incorrect. Let us ask you a question: do you have skin? Then skincare is for you. No matter what your gender, you probably want your skin looking its best. That’s one of the things a good skincare routine with healthy beauty products will do; improve the appearance of your skin - who doesn’t want a bit of that? 

Feel like a boss

Now with your skin looking its best, you’ll probably find yourself feeling more confident in yourself. It’s amazing the effect that good skin can have on your self-esteem. Get ready to strut out of the house in the morning, you deserve to feel good.

Up your wellbeing 

We love a good routine, it structures our day. It's also an opportunity to sideline any stress you may have and purely focus on a little me time. Taking this time to yourself to do your men’s skincare routine will do wonders for your mindset. Whether it’s to set you up for the rest of the day or prepare your mind for sleep, you won’t regret this. 

The obvious reason

It’s so important to make sure your skin is healthy to avoid any health issues in the future. That’s why we offer healthy beauty - no nasties, no harsh chemicals. Your skin is the largest organ in your body, it deserves to be looked after. Let’s remember, prevention is always the best cure.

Best products for men's skincare

Here are Elth’s recommendations on the best healthy beauty for men. It’s International Men’s Day - treat yourself!

Be your best Elth…

...with your men’s skincare routine. We will never overlook your beauty and health, everyone deserves to feel their best. At Elth, we’re going a step further and adding transparency to this too! Our products are independently rated by INCI out of 20 so you can find the best rated healthy beauty products. Basically, it couldn't be easier to use the right product for your men’s skincare needs - you got this! 

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