Debunking Skincare Myths: the DOs and DONTs of beauty products!

At Elth we are on a journey to bring a lot more transparency to the health and wellness industry. Any beauty myths that are either harmful or a waste of money, we’re ready to prove them wrong! These skincare myths may not be obvious however, but these 7 so-called beauty “tips” are definitely ones to ignore...  

Myth 1: You don’t need to moisturise if you have oily skin

Ever been told that your skin is hydrated whilst having oily skin? Wrong! Oil is actually a sign that your skin is in need of a drink. What moisturiser does is hold water to your skin with a protected layer, ensuring hydration. 

We love the Deep Moisture Balm, from Inlight Beauty (£16) INCI Rating: 17/20. Totally nourishing and moisturizing with a premium feel, and best of all, it’s perfect for any skin type. 

Myth 2: Eye serum is useless

This is a skincare myth! The skin under the eyes is much more sensitive and delicate, meaning that puffiness and lack of hydration can be seen prominently. Having an eye serum with targeted anti-inflammatory ingredients and cooling effects means clearing up those bags and leaving your eye area feeling revived and nourished. 

The Full Bright by Five Dots (£30) INCI Rating: 20/20 does exactly that. The only bags we’re interested in are the ones on our Christmas list!


Myth 3: Any soap will do 

We’re not totally against soap here (c’mon we’re not gross), but rather in how you use it. Soap should be a body-only product and should not end up on your face! Facial cleansers help clean away old make-up and dead skin cells whilst protecting your skin and pumping it with vitamins and probiotics. 

A great healthy face product is the Bio-Cellular Super Cleanse Facial Cleanser, from Elemental Herbology (£30) INCI Rating: 19/20. Gentle, rich and luxurious... (no we’re not talking about the perfect guy) this cleanser has the perfect blend of AHA complex, Kombucha and Vitamins to achieve a radiant complexion. 

Myth 4: Only teenagers get acne

This beauty myth is waayy off! How do we explain spots in adulthood? Acne can occur for all sorts of reasons: diet and hormones being the main causes. 

Adding a multi-acid facial pad can help minimise pores and prevent breakouts such as the Skin Resurfacing Multi-Acid Pads, from Balance (£32) INCI Rating: 15/20. 

Myth 5: Skincare works best at night

Let’s be real - none of us sleep like Sleeping Beauty and chances are after all our careful application, half the cream ends up on our pillows. It is important to have a routine morning and night to consistently protect and hydrate your skin. During the day we rely on our skincare to protect against skin rays and pollution. 

The All Skin 1 Step Defence, from House of Life (£85) INCI Rating: 19/20 is quite literally what it says on the tin. Defence against all the impurities and rays. Begone wrinkles! 

Myth 6: Minimal skincare is best

Sure if you have a school run to get to, a 21 step morning routine doesn't work. However, healthy face products such as a cleanser, facial mist, and serum or moisturiser are all key in ensuring you protect and maintain your skin. A starter skincare set can make this routine stress-free and easy! 

The Skincare Starter Set, from Five Dots Botanics (Now £95 - save £32!) INCI Rating: 20/20 has all the basics to ensure your skin stays happy and healthy whilst being in a stylish eco-friendly wash bag! 

Myth 7: Healthy beauty products are not as efficient

This couldn't be further from the truth. When we talk about healthy beauty products, we’re essentially saying there are no chemicals and nasties. Natural ingredients can be extremely beneficial to your skin - for instance an ingredient such as activated charcoal clarifies and deeply cleans the skin. Whilst an ingredient such as nettle powder has anti-inflammatory properties. See? All healthy, skin happy benefits! 

The world of “clean beauty” can be confusing, so Elth is transparent about what's in the products we sell and we’re proud to say all our products are healthy! The perfect example of this is the Black Earth Detox Mask, from Palm of Feronia (£28) INCI Rating: 20/20 made up of only 3 ingredients, all of which derived from Mother Nature! This product would be perfect for someone with oily or combination skin.

Let’s get naked!

Now that we've stripped these beauty myths, we see products for what they really are! Elth doesn’t sell skin care products for the sake of adding an extra step to your routine or an extra product for you to buy. We translate the quality of product ingredients into a simple rating, making it easier to understand if a product is good for your beauty and health. Ready to level up your self-care routine with healthy beauty?

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