Be Your Best Elth; Benefits of Choosing Organic Health and Beauty Products

We’re all guilty of using big-name brands, off the shelf without really being sure what’s in them. We know they work for us and trying new products can be daunting. But what if we told you there was a better way…

At Elth we’re all about healthy skincare and organic beauty products from niche brands that care about your skin. Why? Because organic health and beauty products have all the killer benefits you’re going to want to know about...

In the hands of Mother Nature 

...and Mother Nature is POWERFUL. That’s why the most effective healthy skincare is organic skincare. Feel the power with Palm of Feronia, A&M Bath Soak. The soothing benefits of amethyst, with the relieving mix of calcium-rich Himalayan salt, Dead Sea salt, and Epsom salt, will relax your mind and body. With calming notes of lavender, juniper berry and petitgrain, bergamot and clary sage essential oils feel the best of nature. The rating of 18/20 just shows how healthy this organic beauty product is! 

Take care of more than just your skin

Organic beauty products are not just kind to your skin! Organic skincare is also better for the planet than traditional beauty products. This is because they avoid chemicals such as pesticides, GM ingredients, synthetic colours and fragrances. Check out Five Dot Botanics, Skincare Starter Set + Eco-Conscious Travel Bag. Not only does it include amazing healthy skincare, but the travel bag is also made with vegan leather with a 100% recycled plastic lining.

Feeling sensitive? 

Organic health and beauty products get rid of the nasties. That means we are less likely to react badly to organic skincare. Therefore, they are the perfect option for people with sensitive skin. With natural minerals and vitamins, your skin is in safe hands. Why not check out Inlight Beauty’s Deep Moisture Balm, which is perfect for even the most sensitive skin? Deeply nourishing yet kind to your skin, this is healthy skincare for you.

Shaking up the industry

Did you know that almost any chemical can be used as an ingredient in personal care products? Yeah, we don’t like this either. Good news - organic skincare only uses natural ingredients so you don’t have to worry about any unknown nasties! Even better news - we’ve partnered with INCI beauty so you know exactly what’s in your products. We only sell healthy beauty products and our INCI rating makes it easy to see how good a product is. Be sure to check out our INCI best rated to discover healthy skincare for you.

Elth yeah! organic beauty! We’re here to support niche, healthy brands that put your body first. Ditch the supermarkets and discover Elth to make sure you’re taking care of your skin the right way. Let’s add transparency to the beauty industry, together. Get your organic health and beauty products today! 

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