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Navigating Your Back-Office

Navigating Your Back-Office

Through your Back Office you can monitor your performance, see which customers have purchased from you and also see what products have been bought. This guide outlines how you can find this data and how to best navigate the Back Office.

Access Your Elth Dashboard

Log in link HERE

Username : Your Email Address

Password : You would have set this when you set up your shop


You can then access your Back Office via the widget. To log in it is the same email address as above, the one you set your account up with. And the password would have been set for you and shared via email, unless you changed this yourself.


Your dashboard (pictured below) is key for understanding how your shop is performing. Here you can see how many orders you've had, the. total sales, your commission and how many clicks on your shop link.

Mobile View

Desktop View

Orders - How many orders you've made

Commissions - How much commission you've made

Sales - Total volume of sales

Clicks - How many visits you have had to your shop.

You can filter this by date, so you can see weekly sales, monthly or add a custom date range.


In this section you will find order information and most importantly how much commission you have made per order.

Mobile View

Desktop View

Customer - here you'll see the name of the customer

Action - the products your customer has purchased


The payment section will list when your commission was paid to you, how much was paid to you and by what method the payment was made. These reports can be downloaded if you need a copy by pressing 'Export File'.

Mobile View

Desktop View

Mobile View

Desktop View


It is vital that this section is filled out with your bank details so that we can pay you into your bank account for sales at the end of every month. Please take some time to fill in all your contact information and the details of the bank you would like to be paid into.

Payment details can be added by selecting More Settings (on mobile), Payment (on desktop), from the drop down menu Payment Method please select Bank Transfer.

Mobile View

Desktop View

If you need any help with the information provided above or want to generate more sales please book in a call with Shani HERE or get in touch with the details below:


WhatsApp: 07554905703

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