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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve just launched a shop with Elth, or are in fact considering it, there are a few regularly questions we get asked and we’d love to debunk them here with you! 

My email address isn’t recognised when I try to sign in, help!
Firstly, don’t panic, if you are logging in to your main account from this link and you are getting that message, it is most likely that your shop hasn’t been activated. 

Please email us on so we can send you an email to action you to activate your account. 

What is the password to the Back Office? 

If you are getting the ‘email not recognised’ notification when entering the Back Office it is likely you have entered the wrong password. This password is the same for everyone (until you change it):


Make sure you use a capital P and E. You can sign up with this and then change your password right away for ease!

How do I add my shop link to my Instagram account?

Promoting your shop is key and having your shop link easily accessible is key. 

  1. Log in to your account

  2. Under Online Shop select Promote and copy the link provided. 

  3. Next, open up your Instagram account, go to your profile and tap on the Edit Profile button.

  4. Add the copied URL in the Links field.

  5. Save the changes. Tap on Done and that's it–you now have a link in your Instagram bio! 

How do I get paid for the sales made?

You will be paid at the end of every month via Bank Transfer. To avoid delays add your bank details into the Back Office right away. Here’s how:

  1. Log in to the Back Office 

  2. Select Settings 

  3. Under Profile select Payment (or if on mobile select More Setting) 

  4. You should see Payment Method with a drop down box, click on it and select Bank Transfer 

  5. Enter your Account Name, Number and Sort Code 

  6. Don’t forget to press save!


For answers to more commonly asked questions click here: or get in touch with us at

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