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Discover How To Use The Prescription Tool

Discover How To Use The Prescription Tool

Your Prescription Tool is perfect for increasing your sales.

You are able to create and send personalised product baskets for your clients, which they can purchase in one click.

It is crucial to send a prescription straight after a treatment to catch the hot moment right after a treatment where your customers are happy to top up and buy products.

Follow our steps below on how to get the most from the Prescription Tool!

Mobile version

Log in link HERE

Username : Your Email Address

Password : You would have set this when you set up your shop

Step 1:

You will find your Prescription tool on your Account interface when logging into your account.

Step 2:

Once you click into Prescription, select the products you want to recommend to your client and then press confirm. There is no limit on how many products you can select.

Step 3:

Choose how you would like to share the prescription with your client. The most effective way is to send via Whatsapp.

Step 4:

You have the option to personalise your message, before sending to your client.

Step 5:

This is how the prescription will look to your client.

Step 6:

When your client opens the link, it will direct them straight to their cart. Where they can purchase in just one click through Apple pay, Paypal, ShopPay or simply by entering their debit or credit card information.

On average our users saw a whopping 50% increase in sales after using this tool.

Grasp this opportunity now!

If you need any help with the information provided above or want to generate more sales please book in a call with Shani HERE or get in touch with the details below:


WhatsApp: 07554905703

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